Almax Immobiliser Series III 16mm + Squire SS65CS Stronghold Lock + Defiant Ground Anchor

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Almax Immobiliser Series III 16mm chain: Specifically designed for maximum security, whilst still affording portability on your motorcycle or scooter.

Not content with the standard industry case hardening, Almax have developed a unique process that reverses the undesired side effect of through hardening. Which allows us to retain much of the metals original ductility. This gives the Almax Series chains some unique advantages.

  • Sold Secure 2019: Automotive Gold, Bicycle Gold, Caravan/Trailer Gold, Motor Scooters Gold, Motorcycle Gold
  • Cannot be bolt cropped manually, guaranteed! (tested with Irwin Record 42” HU bolt croppers)
  • Impervious to HSS hacksaw attacks
  • Increased resistance against sledge/wedge and other impact attacks in comparison to other standard case hardened security chains
  • Incorporating our Flexible long link system that allows numerous Series III and Series IV chains to be joined together using just the one padlock
  • Almax’s (Black) Electrophoretic plating outperforms standard Zinc plating 3-1 in salt bath corrosion testing
  • The Electrophoretic process has the advantage over zinc plating as it does not cause hydrogen embrittlement, which zinc plated chains are extremely susceptible to
  • Our chain is supplied with an extremely hard wearing Blue Cordura 1000 Denier fabric sleeve. Incorporating an internal durable backing that resists fraying and premature wear
  • The Series III weighs 4.34kgs (9.48lbs) per metre
  • The Series III is designed to carry. Being easily transportable on most motorbikes and scooters, in the 1.5m (6.61kgs) or 2m (8.68kgs) lengths
  • Dimensions of 16mm chain link; Overall link Width 58mm - Length 130mm. Internal link Width 25mm - Length 100mm. (Approximate measurements, please allow for slight manufacturing tolerances)
  • 0.8m (3.47Kgs) Length is designed for use on bicycles and smaller security requirements, such as gates etc. It is not recommended for motorcycle security as it is too short to fit this application

The Squire SS65CS Stronghold lock (Almax Version)

  • NEW now comes with the storm proof cover
  • Supplied with an upgraded Mauer A440 R1 core
  • Solid Hardened Alloy Steel Body
  • 12.7mm Hardened boron shackle, fully protected from bolt cropper attacks
  • 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cen rated 6 (moto) assembly
  • Restricted key system, prevents keys from being cut without production of the key card supplied * Additional keys only available from Henry Squire & Sons direct
  • Over 250,000 key differs
  • Comprehensive anti-drill, bump and pick features
  • Electrophoretic plating process for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • RRP: £187.44

Defiant Ground Anchor (Black Edition)

  • Compatible with every Almax Series of Chain (16mm, 19mm, 22mm and 25mm)
  • Hard wearing Black Powder Coat finish to match the Almax Chain
  • Easy to install ultra-secure surface mounted anchor
  • Internal Rollers designed to deter angle grinder attacks
  • Chemical Bolt fixing, the strongest available
  • Cannot be levered out like traditional bolt in anchors
  • Almax is the sole supplier for the Defiant Ground anchor