About Us

So Good We Created The Company

Almax is a family run business, founded by experienced bikers Alex and Maxine Simpson – hence Almax!

The Immobiliser Series Chains were created simply because after buying my new motorbike I wanted to keep it! With over 26,000 motorcycles reported as stolen every year, that's 1 every 10 minutes I knew it wasn't going to be that easy to find a security chain that would keep my motorbike safe. With over 75% of motorcycles stolen from the owners’ home address I thought that what was needed was a chain to address this problem specifically. I spent many hours trawling the net and specialist bike shops for a suitable chain and found nothing. 

I came to the conclusion that all the manufacturers have compromised the strength of their chains to make them lightweight. This will result in a chain that's only Bolt Crop Resistant, I wanted a chain which was not just resistant but that could NOT be bolt cropped. Thieves like to use quiet attacks and the bolt crop attack is, as you can see on our videos, not only quiet but in most cases extremely quick - check out our Wall of Shame to see just how quick! A lighter chain may deter the opportunist thief but does you no favours when you are tucked up in bed and the chain is under attack in your own back yard. The thief can crop your chain and load your pride and joy into the back of a stolen transit van!

So I decided that the only way to get the strongest and the best was to manufacture it myself and so the Almax Immobiliser Series II chain was launched.

When it came to choosing the right padlocks, we decided early on to use the best available. In the real world of high security you will not find the locks usually reserved for the bike market.The reason is simple, they are mass produced, cheap and unfit for high security applications such as containers, security shutters and secure military garages. We decided to use solid steel padlocks that are already used for high security applications, they have already been tested in the real world and not found wanting.

We entered the combination of Series II immobiliser chain and high security padlock into the RiDE Magazine lock chain combo test in issue 103; WE WON, hands down, scoring 15 out of 15. They said “It’s the toughest chain tested here by far”

Since then we have improved the Immobiliser Series and have launched the Series III and the 19mm Series IV Uber chain. Our development programme for Almax Security Chains continues to ensure we can continue to bring you the TOUGHEST SECURITY CHAIN available on the market.

Tried and Tested Security Improvements

After several improvements we have achieved the following product properties:-

  • It is not only resistant to bolt croppers, but impervious to hand operated bolt croppers.
  • Trying to hacksaw it is useless
  • Sledge hammer attacks are useless
  • Freeze Attacks (another favourite method) are useless
  • Flexibility – with the long link system you can secure any number of Immobiliser Chains with just one lock.

Series III has a 16mm diameter link, the Series IV has a 19mm diameter link and the Series V a 22mm link which are a visual deterrent, Mr Bike Thief probably won’t bother and will move on to an easier target.

All Immobiliser Chains are triple tempered, BRITISH steel, enhanced with carbon, manganese and boron, case hardened with 3 separate processes and plated.

All Immobiliser Chains have a ductile core and extremely tough case hardening, this makes them impervious to hand held bolt croppers & also ensures that they can withstand brutal impacts.

We take security of our bikes very seriously. Bikesure, the specialist motorbike division of Adrian Flux Insurance, have contracted us to give security advice to their policy holders. Ebike give substantial discounts for the use of our lock and chain, with an appropriate ground anchor. We have carried out extensive research into the way thieves attack security products and feel that our lock chain combos gives you the MAXIMUM SECURITY for your bike. These are the "BEST SECURITY CHAINS" on the market, bar none.

We will continue to research & develop our chains, to ensure that we always give you the TOUGHEST SECURITY CHAIN available on the market.

We have used the same high standards when choosing a suitable lock to use in conjunction with the Immobiliser series chains. We offer the Squire SS65CS Stronghold closed shackle padlock. It is Squire’s flagship lock. It is SEN rated 6, which is the highest rating you can get on a lock in Europe. It is handmade in BRITAIN and has a hardened Solid Steel Body, with a 12.5mm enclosed shackle. It is Sold Secure GOLD accredited and is virtually indestructible.

For the ultimate in security at home we recommend that you complete your security package and use your chain and lock combo in conjunction with a ground anchor. We have chosen the ground anchor we believe is made to the same exacting standards we use for our chains. The Rhino Defiant, which has a system of roller bearings which would just spin if the anchor is attacked with grinders. It is fixed into the ground with a chemical bolt. This bolt is a very secure fixing. Like our chains and our recommended lock this anchor is Sold Secure GOLD.