What length of chain do I need?

We are happy for you to call and discuss your requirements with us. However here are a few guidelines.

Your security is only as good as it's weakest link. Therefore look at WHAT you are attaching the vehicle to. A ground anchor is best for home security. when you are out and about, you need to choose your anchor point with care. Street furniture is a good substitute for a ground anchor. However, do not choose traffic signs, as these are notoriously easy to defeat. Never leave the chain draped through the back wheel onto the floor, always lock your bike to an immovable object. This stops the thief picking it up (maybe with the help of a mate) and putting it into the back of a vehicle and taking it away.

Almax Series are the ORIGINAL Long Link chains. we designed the chain with long links, which gives various benefits.

  • It keeps the weight down
  • You can shorten the chain
  • You can add multiple chains, using just 1 padlock
  • The shackle of the lock is enclosed

What makes a good chain?

Not all chains are the same. To ensure your security is the best you can get, the designer has had to think like a thief, and then design the products to stay one step ahead. Alex (The Al part of Almax) designed the Immobiliser Series Security Chains. He and our team are constantly developing new ideas and refining and improving Almax products. Our Design team have been working on various security products and the New Almax range of Anchors will soon be available.

Design has to take many factors into the equation, so let's run through a little about metallurgy.

Through Hardening - This is a by-product of case hardening and is NOT A GOOD thing, for a security product, as it makes the material BRITTLE. Yes you can make metal very, very, hard, however the harder it is the more brittle it becomes. This leaves the chain susceptible to thieves, utilising sudden shock impact methods to breach the chain. To ensure that this does not occur, very precise measurements of various elements have to be used. We make sure that every chain almax manufactures keeps it's ductile core. We do not through harden our chains.

Case Hardening - This is where the metal has a 'case' around it, which is harder than the inside. This is done in large ovens, heating the material, to strict temperatures, for exact timings whilst adding various elements. We cut no corners, at any stage of manufacture, this means using more man hours, which is more expensive but it's only by ensuring that every link, has exactly the right case hardening, every time, do you obtain an Almax quality product.

Plating - This is the final process on the chain. Our chains are plated by hand with zinc, and then we increase corrosion resistance by passivating them. They are then immediately de-embrittled, this gives maximum protection. If any of these steps are missed, This can make the chain susceptible to either impact or pressure attacks. We at Almax have put procedures into place to ensure that the plating of our chains is done to the most exacting standard. Which again is more expensive, but the only way to produce the quality, that is the Almax chain.

Aren't all 16mm chains the same?

We are flattered that our competitors have recently tried, in vain to emulate us. some have used short link chain, which makes their 16mm nigh on the same weight as our 19mm chain. some have just made their chains look identical to ours. some have added strange bits to incorporate padlocks, not designed to fit. do not be mislead; none of these chains are Almax chains.

We control the manufacture of our chains from beginning to end - we DO NOT buy finished product off the shelf.

The Almax Logo is found on every 4th link in our chain. We are proud to stamp our name onto the chain, we designed.

The chain which leads by example.

Why should I buy the Almax Brand chains?

Almax Chains are the Original. Almax were the first and are the manufacturer of best 16mm and, the one and only manufacturer, of 19mm long link security chain.

We believed that a security chain, should not just resist bolt croppers, it should withstand them.

So we designed the Immobiliser series chains over 7 years ago. In those 7 years we have never lost a motorbike to a pair of bolt croppers. They are tried and trusted.

The Almax Series III & IV are unbolt-croppable by hand, guaranteed! Our chains have been protecting our customer's precious equipment, be it, ATV's, motorcycles, scooters, cars, caravans, generators, building equipment, highways commissions display boards, gates etc, for years. It pays to buy with the confidence of years of experience. 

We, at Almax, are so proud of our name and the quality that is attached to it, that Almax is a registered trade mark.